Google Ads Account suspended? Worry not! Let our panel of experts fix it for you.

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Get Back Your Google Account

We Waste No Time To Restore Your Suspended Account

Is your Google Ads account suddenly suspended with no or little information to reinstate? Well, worry not as this is neither our first encounter of an abrupt account suspension nor our first management with that. Our team scrutinizes your existing campaign to identify what activities, regardless of the intention, have impacted the removal of your ads across the web. Identifying and analyzing the causes, we would devise a plan that would rectify the issue and get the account re-examined and reinstated. In our records, this has helped a lot of our clients get back their accounts and continue their campaign successfully again.

Ad Copy Analysis

Identify Misleading Ads

The rules and regulations on Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) continuously keep on changing. Thus, we make the effort to always keep you updated with the newer ad policies as misleading ads or un-adherence to the sudden changing ad policies are primarily the main reason for campaign removals and ad suspensions.

Ensure Long-lasting Google Ads Strategy

Keep Your Ads Relevant While Adhering To The Guidelines

Suspension Analysis

We review the reason for the suspension of your campaign and go through the redirected messages.


We take immediate action to solve the worst offenders in your account to restore as soon as possible.

Ad Copy Analysis

We analyze the subject and message of your ads and their respective landing pages.

Keyword Analysis

It is extremely essential to know the importance of the keywords you are targeting. Thus, we help you analyze the target keywords and eliminate the potentially harmful ones.

Site Content Analysis

Your website could be the primary cause of the suspension. We check your search console and on-site content for any warning signs.

Account Restoration

Your account will be restored and you will be able to start advertising again within 1-2 business days.

Intensive Campaign Analysis

Our Professionals Take A Close Look Into Your Account

There can be various reasons for a Google Ads account to get suspended. So, our team looks into every possible prospect that might be the reason for the problem. This even includes looking into your search console to view the messages Google has sent your team. The suspension can however happen for other penalties, placed outside of Google Ads as well. We take a closer look at your entire presence on Google’s platform, including the services they provide to your business, to identify any potential issues that may be causing your suspension.

A Thorough Report

We Identify Bad Keywords

Keywords might often run out of your favor, if not used properly. Google keeps changing the policies towards how you use your keywords and advertise to fall in line, in compliance with its advertising guidelines. We carefully analyze all your campaigns to make sure that you are not using any keywords that may hinder or not stick to the guidelines.

Proactive Account Protection

Resolve Issues Even Before They Turn Into A Problem

The moment we start identifying probable or suspectful elements in your campaign that might cause trouble, we start our processes and begin taking control of the situation. This is to ensure that your campaign is up and running without any problem. This process could often be long and ongoing if they have additional issues. We work stepwise and focus on every small and big issue by getting in touch with your team so that changes can be done without shifting from your subject and keeping in line with the guidelines. This also ensures that every individualistic problem is solved distinctively and your account is also restored.