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A Journey from Curiosity to Expertise

From the early days, Brijesh always felt an irresistible pull – he was endlessly captivated by the digital world and kept tinkering with the subject. His journey, filled with experiments, trials, and lessons, sharpened his understanding of digital marketing’s intricate technicalities.

The passion didn’t just stop at learning; he generously volunteered his time, teaching eager students about the nuances of the digital domain.

Yet, there was still a restlessness within Brijesh.

Throughout his interactions with top-tier brands and local businesses, he kept coming across a recurring pain point: the need for a trustworthy and proficient advertising partner, someone who could be their one-stop shop for marketing solutions.

With his well-earned reputation, he kept receiving many requests seeking his expertise in performance marketing. It was in these moments of realization that Orangutans was envisioned — a hallmark of trust and expertise.

Brijesh’s partnership with Ankit just magnified Orangutans’ potential multifold. With shared ambitions and complementary skills, they’ve steered Orangutans to become a beacon of innovation, integrity, and impeccable service!

Orangutans isn’t merely a marketing agency; it is a symbol of trust and enduring partnerships.


Brijesh Rupareliya


As an alumni of IIM, India’s renowned management institute, he carries with him a legacy of over 17 years in the expansive world of marketing.

Throughout his journey, he has partnered with top-tier brands, steering them toward success, leveraging his profound expertise in performance marketing.

What truly distinguishes Brijesh is his commitment to growth and adaptability. Leading Orangutans at the forefront of digital innovation.

Above all, his leadership values of trust and commitment build the pillars of our strong, ethical foundations.

Ankit Pansuriya


His dynamic and distinct skill sets are equally critical to the identity and success of our agency.

His insights into sales psychology not only provide the strategies for reaching the right audience, but also how to resonate with them, create connections, and ultimately drive action.

Together with Brijesh, Ankit strengthens the backbone of Orangutans, ensuring our agency isn’t just about results, but also about relationships, both within our team and with our esteemed clients.

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