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Cutting CPA by 42.69% and Scaling Budget 3X for Jineliya Fashion through social media ads

Jineliya Fashion partnership: Transformed digital campaign, 42.69% CPA reduction, 3X budget scaling, prioritizing CRO and strategic budget allocation for remarkable growth.

  • Social Media Advertising
project overview

Jineliya Fashion’s 42.69% CPA Drop and 3X Budget Surge

Experience the game-changing digital campaign for Jineliya Fashion, achieving a remarkable 42.69% CPA reduction while scaling budget by 3X. With conversion rate optimization and strategic budget allocation, we drove significant growth and maximized ROI.

Our expert team analyzed Jineliya Fashion’s marketing strategies, optimizing website, landing pages, and ad creatives for seamless user experience and conversions.

Simultaneously, we strategically expanded their budget to reach a wider audience and foster exponential growth.

Results were outstanding: a 42.69% CPA drop, cost savings, and improved ROI. By closely monitoring performance and leveraging data-driven insights, we maximized marketing potential and positioned Jineliya Fashion for success.


Tackling Social Media Ad
Challenges Head-On


Ad Fatigue

Keeping the target audience engaged and preventing ad fatigue was a challenge due to the frequency and repetition of social media ads. It required innovative strategies to maintain user interest and prevent ad blindness.


Targeting Limitations

Social media platforms have limitations when it comes to precise targeting options. Ensuring the ads reached the right audience and optimizing targeting parameters posed a challenge, requiring constant monitoring and adjustments.


Ad Saturation

Competing with numerous other advertisers in the social media space posed a challenge to capture and maintain the attention of the target audience. It required unique and compelling ad creatives to stand out from the crowd.


Ad Performance Variability

Social media ad performance can vary significantly, making it challenging to predict and optimize for consistent results. Factors such as algorithm changes, platform updates, and audience behavior fluctuations required continuous monitoring and adjustment of strategies.


Revitalize, Optimize, Engage, Adapt, Succeed

1.Ad Fatigue

Refreshing ad creatives, testing variations, and adapting messaging to combat user fatigue.

2. Targeting Limitations

Leveraging available targeting options, retargeting campaigns, and optimizing audience segments.

3. Ad Saturation

Crafting engaging ad creatives with interactive elements, compelling storytelling, and personalized messaging.

4. Ad Performance Variability

Monitoring metrics, data-driven optimization of targeting, ad formats, and bidding strategies. Adapting to platform updates and algorithm changes.


Optimized Creatives, Unparalleled Growth

To achieve outstanding KPIs for Jineliya Fashion, we implemented a tailored solution:

1. Advanced Segmentation

Precisely targeted relevant customer segments for maximum conversion opportunities.

2. Creative Optimization

Continuously tested and optimized ad creatives to combat ad fatigue and capture attention.

3. Performance Monitoring

Monitored key metrics and made data-driven optimizations for improved campaign performance.

4. Data-Driven Insights

Leveraged analytics to gain valuable insights and iteratively optimize targeting and bidding strategies.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were carefully monitored throughout the project to track the success of our strategies. The following KPIs were measured and optimized:

    • Revenue Growth:83% increase in revenue
    • Conversion Rate:Increased website conversion rate from 0.54% to 1.1%
    • Cost per Acquisition (CPA):Decreased CPA by 42.69%
    • Scale Ad BudgetScaled ad budget 3X with stable CPA

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