Upscale & posh flowers

Achieving a Remarkable 45.09%
Reduction in CPA
through Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Tailored PPC and social media campaigns achieved outstanding results, reducing CPA by 45.09% and boosting brand visibility.

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  • Social Media Marketing
project overview

Driving Growth: 45.09% CPA Reduction for Upscale & Posh

Discover Upscale and Posh Flowers’ success story as we implemented a tailored digital marketing strategy. Through PPC and social media campaigns, we reduced CPA by 45.09%, driving targeted traffic and boosting brand visibility. Meticulous keyword research, compelling ad campaigns, and strategic bidding optimized PPC performance. Simultaneously, engaging social media content, strategic targeting, and community management fostered

brand awareness and customer engagement. Data-driven optimizations and tracking of KPIs ensured maximum impact. The remarkable 45.09% CPA reduction delivered cost savings, targeted audience attraction, and meaningful interactions, driving long-term growth. Our partnership established Upscale and Posh Flowers as a prominent player in the floral industry.



Overcoming Obstacles:
Upscale and Posh Flowers


Low Conversion Rates

The 18650 Battery Store faced fierce competition within the battery industry, requiring strategic differentiation to stand out and capture market share.


Targeting the Right Audience

Identifying and reaching the ideal target audience, consisting of individuals seeking high-quality batteries, posed a challenge. Precise targeting was crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.


Limited Brand Visibility

Upscale and Posh Flowers had limited online visibility, making it difficult to reach their target audience and establish a strong brand presence.


Evolving Social Media Landscape

Keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape required continuous monitoring and adaptation to ensure effective communication with potential customers and stay ahead of competitors.


Reducing CPA, Boosting Brand Visibility

1.Conversion Rate Optimization

We conducted in-depth analysis to identify bottlenecks in the customer journey, optimized landing pages, and improved user experience to increase conversion rates.

2. Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Optimization

Through rigorous data analysis, we refined targeting parameters, adjusted bidding strategies, and implemented ad optimizations to lower CPA and maximize return on investment.

3. Enhanced Brand Visibility

We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimized website content, and leveraged industry-specific keywords to improve organic search rankings and increase brand visibility.

4. Social Media Engagement

We developed engaging social media content, executed targeted advertising campaigns, and fostered active community management to enhance brand awareness and drive customer engagement.


Driving Growth: Transforming Upscale and Posh Flowers

We successfully tackled the challenges faced by Upscale and Posh Flowers. By optimizing conversion rates, reducing CPA, enhancing brand visibility, and fostering social media engagement, we positioned the brand for increased success, growth, and market recognition.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were carefully monitored throughout the project to track the success of our strategies. The following KPIs were measured and optimized.

    • Revenue Growth:Increased revenue by 41.74% with increased ROAS 2.69X from 1.44%
    • Conversion Rate:Increased conversion rate to 1.53% from 0.76%
    • Cost per acquisition (CPA):Decreased CPA by 45.09%
    • Social Media Engagement:93% increase in facebook and instagram followers and 1.5% increase in post engagement.

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