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Most appealing shopping ads to tempt your audience

Shopping ads are a new favourite over text-only ads as the latest option has shown higher clickthrough rates. If you are running an e-commerce outlet, shopping ads would be best to entice your audience with a sneak-peek of your goodies in the search results- even before she goes to your site. These ads come up with a great picture of your product accompanied by title, cost, name of your store etc.
Finely crafted shopping ads would compel the visitor to know more about your store by clicking on the product link on the ad. If you are looking for expert help is designing optimized shopping ads, we are the pros for you.

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Customized shopping ads

We always take a thorough research on your products as well as your on industry, audience and competitors. Our extensive study helps us to find out the most relevant product title according to the product image so that the ad can come up to the most pertinent shopper. We specialize in targeted ads.

Higher clickthrough rates

We design the shopping ads with all the basic and crucial data that the shopper aspires to know before hitting an online. Along with the product image and title, we also provide ratings to help the shoppers with an informed decision. It’s common human psychology to flock to those who can provide them with maximum possible information required to take the best decision. As we leverage your shopping ads with all the necessary details about your product, you will always find yourself fetching more clicks- even when you have series of competitor products vying for attention beside your one.

Reports on ad performance

We assure a transparent service throughout the process. We don’t just leave you after the ad is launched. In fact, we will continue monitoring the progress of your ad and would also find out the weak points so that those can be fixed on time.

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