Supportive And Efficient Google Penalty Assessement

Having a google penalty? We at Orangutans will identify the cause and immediately implement a fix.

Reassure And Back Up Your Search Results

We Will Understand The Cause Of You Being Penalized And Fix It.

If you have received a notification telling you about a penalty strike on your website, it means that your website that your website is no longer visible in the search engine, or its visibility is being greatly reduced. Our team can identify the factors that led to the delisting of your website and create a mode of action to bring your website back in line with the webmaster guidelines. We understand the cause of your site being delisted can have your search traffic and business and create a fast plan of action, quickly fixing your issues to get your site assessed and reinstated as quickly as possible.

Detailed Link Audit

We At Orangutans Identify The Bad Links And Try To Have A Fix For The Same.

The most common reasons that a website is penalized is because of the poor incoming links. We analyze and assess the quality and the source of the built inks in order to determine the effect they have. Websites with different engaged links strategies are often penalized, passing the same penalty to your websites as well.

Your Trustworthy Seo Strategy

Achieve Higher And Long-term Growth Through A Prefixed Seo Strategy

Backlink Assessment

We assess your link portfolio in order to understand which links are likely to cause troubles and which are directly affecting your website to go under delisting.

Manual Overview

Content on your website is checked to ensure that it fits the google webmaster’s guidelines and doesn’t hide the content from the search engine.

Removal Requests

Your earlier SEO campaigns can carry evidence into the types of practice that Google deems to be unworthy of their search engine.

Link Rejection

We generate a list of actionable items and steps to take to rectify the key issues that resulted in your penalty


Our analysis dives into your current SEO practices to identify any risks they may have that could further result in future penalties.


Orangutans with these services remains at the top of the latest developments and ne ruling by the search engine to keep you informed on how to change your strategy.

Manual Website And Link Assessment

We Will Identify The Flaws For The Google Penalty And Will Recover Them

In the budding days of search engine optimization, it was a common practice to develop content on a website simple for the sake of being seen by search engines. Google has banned this type of behavior to be threatful and malicious in intent and thus punishes the websites that hide content that is unnaturally repetitive or with spammy keywords, or hiding the content while being presented to the search indexers. We identify potential issues in your content and create a plan to rewrite it, Keeping the valuable parts while replacing the problematic ones.